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Social Media

In our journey to elevate the reach and impact of Bike Share ICT, we embarked on a dynamic social media campaign that would resonate with both enthusiasts and newcomers to cycling alike. Our strategy was multifaceted and innovative. We began by crafting a captivating video promotion that not only showcased the convenience and vitality of the program but also told a compelling story of community and adventure. Simultaneously, we meticulously designed a suite of eye-catching banners and social media posts, ensuring that each element of our digital presence echoed the program's branding with consistency and flair. But our efforts didn't stop there; we ventured into the tangible world, producing striking print materials that would adorn the city, sparking curiosity and driving home the message of accessibility and sustainability. Through this comprehensive approach, we breathed new life into Bike Share ICT, invigorating awareness and fostering growth in a community now more inspired than ever to embrace the joys of pedal-powered exploration.

(Design work and property rights for this project were created during work contract with VisualFusion Graphic Design.)

Bike Share ICT

Video Promotion

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